What kind of childhood?

What influences in childhood lead to creativity?

Write about what?

Club_03_VorbereitungenAccording to a review on the childhood of exceptionally creative individuals–“The growth of creativity in a young person suggests the effects of powerful nurturing and support” (Piers 2000).  But this research suggests does not occur most of the time.  Contrary to the view of  psychologists, like Maslow, who see creativity resulting from an enriched environment, that is not what many creative people record.  Rather than recalling a caring and supportive situation in childhood, their own recollections indicate a harsh, far less than ideal environment.

Many creative individuals recall stern, and almost cruel parenting in which acceptance was not unconditional, but based on performance. Their talent was not encouraged but demanded by another family member (usually the father). They described their upbringing as “more correct than warm” (Gardner 1993). Often childhood experiences of actors and writers appear in their creative works. Conflicts in the home actual contribute to the ability to…

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