Multiplying like rabbits

The growth of over confidence…

Write about what?

Conejos_en_una_conejeraHave you been a the position in which someone who was purported to be knowledgeable, or even an expert in an area at work gave you instructions that were impossible to follow once you got into the details… huge chunks of the process were missing or instructions, replete with jargon, were garbled with no real information. However, this person didn’t do it just once or twice, but so frequently you began to wonder if they were out to destroy your reputation at work, or just plain stupid. According to recent research on overconfidence there is a good chance that were probably not as knowledgeable in the field as you, but didn’t even know it.

Two recent studies have shown that overconfident people have deceived themselves into thinking that they know more than they do. Unfortunately other people believe this, too, which only reinforces this delusion.

One study conducted within the…

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