Changing a list into something that catches other’s interest…

Write about what?

dead butterfly

For a recent assignment, students were to examine an advertisement. Questions led them to look at the visuals: subject of emphasis, originality of image, the placement of objects, type of people pictured. Then, they examined techniques such as use of  band wagon appeal, or slogans Finally, they were directed to evaluate the intended audience,  and validity of claims in the text. In the end students had to take all the answers and compile them into a composition.  However, their writing basically read like a list of answered question.  Taking something in one form and changing it into another form that appears organic is the art of transforming words into writing. Like the metamorphosis of the butterfly it seems to be magical. Exactly how do you get students (or yourself) to take a fragmented stew of ideas and facts, and transform it into with something  else?

The first piece of wisdom…

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