Will the real impostor please stand up?

When acting inadequate actually helps…

Write about what?

Steph _OC2_edited-2It’s popular now to claim to suffer from the “impostor syndrome.” Admitting that you’re afraid of being found out for not knowing as much as people think you know has become in vogue. Especially among women successful in business.

The term was coined by two psychotherapists working with Georgia State University. Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes (1978) studied women, who despite continued success in academic fields, assumed that their success was due to factors other than their own ability. These woman came both from families in which another sibling was given credit for being the intelligent one. However, their family members recall that they were told that that could achieve anything as girls. They concluded that “societal sex-role stereotyping appear to contribute significantly to the development of the impostor phenomenon. ” Their goal was to formulate a kind of therapy to overcome this problem.

Perhaps women do not need therapy…

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