A twist in traits

The creative Myers-Briggs type is…

Write about what?

dec steph 104The Meyer’s Brigg Type Inventory (MBTI) is probably  one of the most widely known personality type assessments. Isabel Briggs Meyers and her mother Katharine Cook Briggs developed it from theories recorded by the well know psychologist Carl Jung. Neither Meyers or Briggs were trained in psychology or psychometric testing, but they did their homework, and learned from people who were. The MBTI was never promoted as a precise psychological test but more of a type sorter to help people understand those that had differing responses to the world around them.

So naturally people would use this inventory to try to determine the personality markers of a creative person.  But this has not been easy. When David W. Keirsey, author of the book Please Understand Me based on the work of Meyers and Briggs, reviewed the types he deduced that  the creative artisan personality was likely to exhibit the following:

  • Introversion…

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