Self awareness and leadership

Are leaders unaware of what is going on inside of them?

Write about what?

washington DSCN4525According to the original meaning of self-awareness over 99.9 % of humanity qualify for this trait because people are aware of their existence. So, this is not enough to be considered special. However, self-awareness has a new meaning along with a new claim that it distinguishes leaders from others, according to Daniel Goleman. [1]  

Self awareness starts with the idea of recognizing and regulating emotions. But, how frequently have we seen leader spewing angry words (or tweets) only to later regret their words? They express emotions powerfully, but have little ability to regulate them. Frequently they fail to understanding the impact of their own internal motivation on themselves.  

How important is control over your own emotions? If you feel vexed due to a person who chatters constantly with minimal output, you may decide to be self-aware and not speak your mind because they might be hurt by…

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