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The human factor in science fiction

Hardcore science fictions readers may mourn the loss of science fiction writers whose keen insights led them to glimpses of the future. Jules Verne created novels in which characters sailed under oceans throughout the world and traveled to the moon. … Continue reading

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When Emotional Intelligence is a liability

One of the four major branches of emotional intelligence (according to John D. Mayer and Peter Salovey) is the ability to reflectively regulate or manage emotions. This applies to managing your own emotions rather than those of other people. According … Continue reading

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Emotional control

The more emotionally intelligent one is the more ability one has to perceive, understand, and manage emotions. Not just one’s own, but other people’s also. Those who possess this kind of intelligence are more able to manipulate others, but their influence … Continue reading

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EQ versus IQ

Emotional intelligence is touted as the necessary skill to get ahead in the business world. Tech savvy, logical reasoning and high IQ are not enough. These traits/skills cannot propel you to the places you can get if you understand emotions, … Continue reading

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Empathetic words

The use of pronouns and other functional words may provide a clue about our social status, our tendency to tell the truth, or how well we perform in academics. However in many circles today the desired characteristic is “emotional intelligence.” … Continue reading

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Wise words

How does our speech reveal our level of intelligence? A person employing word with more syllables may seem more intelligent, but may not be. People practiced in business presentation learn to use vague multi-syllabic words to sound as if they … Continue reading

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