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Sci-fi delineated

I, Robot is a collection of short stories that trace the development of robots until they take over running the world while humans remain blissfully ignorant of this fact.  In Perelandra, an earth man is sent to Venus  on a … Continue reading

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The problem with no problems

Dystopian novels  are much easier to write than those set in a utopia. Typically the main character manages to lift the veil hiding the ugly truth behind the society. For example in H.G. Well’s novella, The Time Machine, an English scientists … Continue reading

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What is important?

In high school speech class, when required to give an informative speech, I  described the  accomplishments of the Anasazi.  My teacher, whose pre-Columbian knowledge included a vague recollection of the Aztecs asked “What’s the point of your speech?  Why are these Anasa…. … Continue reading

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