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The mystery behind the motivation to learn

No matter how much we describe the function of the brain to illuminate how people learn, the biggest mystery is what causes people to want to learn. Typically when someone dives into why certain people excel at learning they come … Continue reading

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Competitive disadvantage for creative women

 Every time I hear someone ask how to intrinsically motivate students, I have to laugh inside. The very definition of intrinsic means to come from inside of a person, not from an outside source, such as a teacher, instructor, trainer … Continue reading

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Is there a hidden price in creativity for women?

No matter how many different studies  are performed using different measurements in testing creativity for males and females there seems to be a consistent result. There is no difference.  Kogan (1974) found that when creativity test scores for students were … Continue reading

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The disadvantages of being creative

Creative students often display characteristics that teachers simply do not like. When I asked teachers to rank students’ creative acts, many had trouble. Some called the students contrary, lazy or deceitful, and failed to see the creativity involved. I’ve found … Continue reading

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