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Word of media

Recently we had to evacuate the school due to a gas leak. Students were jammed up against the back fence of a subdivision across from the school. Fire trucks roared past, lights flashing and phones were raised in the air … Continue reading

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The school of social networking

With students glued to Facebook rather than paying attention in class, teachers begin to wonder if they could teach better using a social network instead. Social media and e-learning may be useful, but Facebook is by no means universal. The … Continue reading

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Farmville or Battlefield?

The of use video and computer games in education has sparked a bit of debate. On one side teachers see students doing something that they love to do, and hope games will promote this kind of engagement in learning. On … Continue reading

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Adventures in the electronic classroom

 Some of the middle school students tumble out of their seats and rush to the portable cart as soon as the teacher announces “Today we will be starting to use the iPads.” Others hang back warily. The inclusion of new electronics … Continue reading

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My teacher can see my Facebook?

Ask any high school student if they want an easy convenient way to access assignments and communicate. Of course they do. But, going to a teacher’s website is too much hassle. Students are always checking on their social media accounts … Continue reading

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You’ve probably seen the trend in education and training blogs – Use existing social media (i.e., Facebook) to create a collaborative social learning group. So far I’ve found the  the overwhelming number of posts from my professional circles share photos … Continue reading

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